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S32K144EVB Secure Boot

Question asked by Bertrand Tay on Jul 25, 2018
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I'm trying out the secure boot feature on the S32K144EVB board. I'm being careful, as I don't want to brick the board. I'm seeing two different options for boot size:


1. In the sample code provided in AN5401SW, example #4 shows how to configure secure boot manually.  It sets the BOOT_SIZE to 128*1024*8.


2. In the SDK code for CSEC module provided by Processor Expert, the comments indicate the bootSize is the number of blocks of 128-bit data to check on boot. Maximum size is 512KB.


Based on (2), would the maximum bootSize be equals to (512KB / 128bit) = 4096?


But in (1), the BOOT_SIZE is defined as 128*1024*8 = 1,048,576.


What is the correct way to calculate the boot size?