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¿Capture_LDD work?

Question asked by Ricard Comas on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Robin_Shen

Hi everyone,i 've a question about this component, i need measure the pulse width (high) of a input PWM, i thought that setting it with rise edge, this component would return a value (in miliseconds) of measured,pulse width,but, when i display this value returned by this component, i get a wrong value, for example, if the input PWM is simetric 50Hrz (duty of 50 %) the capture component return 38000, what is 38000?¿ i want a periode of PWM (it whould be 20000 milisecond, not 38000) i don't understand why Capture component return a number that doesn't corresponds with a periodic of input PWM, it would be 20000 miliseconds.


My microcontroller is MKE04Z128, i show you my code, by the way, when i create  a Capture component, i get this message: "The component "Capture_LDD" uses another shared component for item "Linked TimerUnit". You can use existing component or create a new one., i select "New component [Kinetis/TtimerUnit], its same select a existing timer?¿, this is my Capture component configuration,


- Capture Device: FTM0_C0V

- Capture input pin: some pin correspond 0 channel

- Edge:rising edge

- Maximum time of event:87 ms (What does it mean??)


This is my code:





uint16_t data = 0;









extern uint16_t data:








Thanks so much again!