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how  to use revoke feature

Question asked by Dheeraj R on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Yuri Muhin
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Hi Igor, 

   Thank you for getting back to me. I might not have been clear earlier. I had a look at both the documents you sent. However, now that i have blown the SRK0 fuse, the problem that I am currently facing now is that my SD card is unable to boot (which is expected since i blew the SRK0 fuse). I tried changing my CSF file (as I cannot use IMG1_1_sha256_2048_65537_v3_usr_crt.pem and CSF1_1_sha256_2048_65537_v3_usr_crt.pem to sign and authenticate the image) to the one that I pasted above and it still does not work. I am unable to find a solution in the document you sent earlier. Could you kindly advise me on this issue?