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CAN-FD Example

Question asked by Ognyan Yanchev on Jul 25, 2018


I have question about CAN-FD example MPC5748G-FlexCAN_FD-TX_RX-test-GHS614.

When I try to execute it the CAN_0 and CAN_1 initialization performed OK, but when I try to send message

over the bus the send sequence stops always  on the flags check line.

The question is:

Is somebody have the same problem and can help me to solve the problem..

For information I use the following:

MCU:   SPC5748GGMMJ6 1N81M on the Demo Board.

Header file: from example, because my original header file MPC5748G_4.0.01_1N81M.h, but it not contain

                    information about CAN-FD settings EDL, BRS, ESI.