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DEVICEID wrong address in UM10732 (LPC11U6x)

Question asked by Fischer Jörg on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by soledad

The LPC_SYSCON->DEVICID register is specified to be at offset 0x3F4 in the manual (UM10732), but it is actually located at offset 0x3F8. Reading LPC_SYSCON->DEVICID thus does not yield a valid part ID.


Workaround: The IAP function to read the part ID reads from the correct location, so just use this function.


Source Code change: Change line 111 in syscon_11u6x.h to read:

__I  uint32_t  RESERVED16[111];


This moves the following DEVICEID field up to the correct offset.


Please change the address in the manual.