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Possible drop-in replacements for TDA3663

Question asked by Rodolfo Veltri Gomes Employee on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales

NXP is in the process of obsoleting the TDA3663/N1,135/ Very low dropout voltage/quiescent current 3.3 V voltage regulator.


I learned this by trying to order samples of this part for our contract manufacturer of the A71CL kits – and my order got rejected by the sample approver for SIP with the following comment: “I recommend not to design in. Last time Buy date is 30-Jun-2019. Last time ship: 30-Jun-2020. There is no direct replacement for this type within NXP”.


We will need to find a suitable drop-in replacement, unfortunately it will have to be from another manufacturer:

1. I ask the community to suggest a solution here - should be doable since this is a common package and pinout

2. once NXP team finds a group of possible replacements, we need to analyze if there is probability of problems caused by the ESR of the needed capacitors:

  1. step: check the data sheet of the supposed drop-in voltage regulator
    1. which ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance ) value of the capacitors is expected
    2. find suitable capacitors
  2. step: test execution + verification


I kindly ask you any current experience with this drop-in regulator replacement.


Rodolfo Gomes, NXP FAE Identification EMEA