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not getting u-boot flashed (Default Env) after flashing imx28 with mfg-tool

Question asked by Mayur Patel on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Mayur Patel

I flashed my board (with imx28) with mfg-tool (emmc only profile).

it flashes u-boot binary but does not load new u-Boot environment variables. when I do reset (env default -a) then it loads my wanted new environment.


actual problem for better understanding.


  • when company ships it's board at that time it has u-boot environment variable console = 1234567890
  • after that, we are flashing successfully with mfg-tool with containing new u-boot binary with our patched (include/configs/xxxxxxxxxx28.h) environment variable console = XYZ
  • by the new reboot, it should come up with new u-boot environment variable console = XYZ, but it comes with console = 1234567890 which is wrong
  • when I do env default - a, then I get  console = XYZ


So how can I get console = XYZ without setting default env?


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