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P&E Micro BDM Debugger

Discussion created by David Cavanaugh on Nov 19, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by David Cavanaugh
I am using CodeWarrior for embedded 68K on a MC68332.  I am trying to use the P&E Micro BDM to load my code and debug via the parallel port (LPT1).  However, I have been very unsuccessful when trying to debug.  If I try to "Connnect" (under the Debug menu:smileyhappy: I get the following error: 
     "Attempt to operate on target not registered with nub"
If I just try to Debug (green triagle in toolbar) I get the following messages:
"Resetting and Inititializing Target" followed by "Unable to Read/Write registers after executing config file"
I have also tried various different BDM configuration files to try to initialize my board correctly, but nothing seems to have any effect.
any suggestions????