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adc edma how to configure ?

Question asked by Vinay Devarakonda on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Vinay Kumar

Hello, I have been trying to implement ADC continuous conversions using eDMA. I have a K24 series kinetis microcontroller on a custom board. There are two ADC pins which I will be making use of, they are ADC0_DP0 and ADC1_DP1. Unfortunately I did not find any information on whether I should enable the GPIO port and pin configurations which in this case was not possible because in the pinout diagram there were no pins or ports for these ADC inputs. So, I assume I don't have to do anything. Furthermore, I wanted to enable eDMA on both these pins but I am not sure which DMA channel must be used for either of these adc pins. Can anyone please provide me some examples or a reference code where I can see some implementation.?