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i.MX 6 Solo with 6bit RGB LCD

Question asked by Mikael Movsisyan on Jul 24, 2018
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Hi All,


I need to interface an 6-bit RGB (18bit) LCD with I.MX 6 Solo. I am very new to the i.MX microprocessor and have read some threads here on the forum. I also looked at he IPU Display Interface Signal Mapping in the datasheet, and I connected per the instructions in the table, namely DBs, HSYNC/VSYNC,CLK,DATA ENABLE. I have attached pictures of the pinouts on the LCD - I am not sure how to connect some of the other I/O pins, such as RS,FLM etc. . I want to connect them to either the DIx_DISPx_DATA[18:23] or the DIx_PIN[4:14]. But I have 2 questions.


1) If I am using only 18bits from LCD_DISP, can the other 6bits be used as regular GPIO pins?


Since I'm parallel interfacing, I know I can ground IM [2:0] so SDO/SDI are gone, but is CS/ and SCL needed still?


Thank you



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