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[S32K146] SPI#2 doesn't receive any data from Rx FIFO

Question asked by yongho shin on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by yongho shin

Dear NXP team,


In my automotive project, the S32K146 controls the ADSP via SPI.

The SPI#2 (PTB25,27,28,29) is used for it and I can see the valid signals on the PTB28 (LPSPI2_SIN).

But the data from RX FIFO is always empty (0x00).

I've checked the PINMUX configuration for them, but there's no problem.


Here is a register dump for SPI#2.

Could you check whether there is a problem on it ?


========== PINMUX for SPI#2 ==========
PORTB->PCR[25] = 0x00000500
PORTB->PCR[27] = 0x00000500
PORTB->PCR[28] = 0x00000500
PORTB->PCR[29] = 0x00000500
========== SPI#2 registers ==========
LPSPI2->PARAM = 0x00000202
LPSPI2->CR = 0x00000009
LPSPI2->SR = 0x00000001
LPSPI2->IER = 0x00000000
LPSPI2->DER = 0x00000000
LPSPI2->CFGR0 = 0x00000000
LPSPI2->CFGR1 = 0x00000001
LPSPI2->DMR0 = 0x00000000
LPSPI2->DMR1 = 0x00000000
LPSPI2->CCR = 0xdcdcdc6e
LPSPI2->FCR = 0x00020001
LPSPI2->FSR = 0x00000000
LPSPI2->TCR = 0x0000007f
LPSPI2->RSR = 0x00000002