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How to check SATA link in T2080?

Question asked by Amarnath MB on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Amarnath MB

Hi All,


We have a T2080 Custom board with T2080RDB as the reference design and we have selected the SerDes Protocol as 0xF8 and  0x36. A clock of 100 MHz is provided as the reference to the PLL2. On our SerDes2 Lane G, we have connected a 16Gb SATA NAND Flash (GreenLiant GLS85LS1016B-M-C-FZJE-ND102).

Once we boot the VxWorks and register the vxbFslSataStorage driver, no SATA device is detected and no device is created under devs.


I tried following the steps in 22.5.1 SATA controller initialization steps od Rev3,2016 T2080RM, there I'm getting status as


IPM : Device not present or communication not established

SPD : First-generation communication rate negotiated.

DET: Device presence detected but PHY communication not established



HS_ON : The SATA controller is operational.

HS_OFF : Host is not in process going offline

OP_MODE : The host controller is operating in legacy mode.

PR : Phy Not ready.


I'm new to SATA,  I want to know whether there is a way to check the physical link between SerDes and SATA device is fine? Any Register read which will tell the Physical link status?