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ZigBee IoT Gateway (JN-AN-1194) Questions

Question asked by Malcolm Hand on Jul 23, 2018

Hi Everyone,


I am new to coding zigbee networks and I had a few questions about the NXP Zigbee IoT Gateway (JN-AN-1194), which I hope someone could help me out.


1. Do I have to us a Linksys router for the Zigbee-JIP-daemon (openWRT application)? And does it have to be the Linksys WRT160NL or can it be any openWRT router?

2. The ZigBee ioT Gateway Control Bridge documentation says it needs JN5169 device, but will it work with the JN5169 usb dongle?

3. Also for the diagram showing the protocol of the system in the documentation (JIP Client/JIP CGI Web Interfaces/Cloud Servies ->libJIP->Zigbee-jip-Daemon->ZigBee Control Bridge->Zigbee Device), am I properly labeled which device is responsible for which section of the system?


JIP Client/JIP CGI Web Interfaces/Cloud Servies: Network router

libJIP: Linksys WRT160NL router (running openWTR)

Zigbee-jip-daemon: raspberry pi (running JN-AN-1194 ZigBee IoT Gateway Host)

ZigBee Control Bridge: NXP JN5168 usb dongle (running JN-AN-1194 ZigBee IoT Gateway Control Bridge)

Zigbee Device: Zigbee Node (attached to zigbee network)


Thanks in advance for the help, Malcolm