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JN5168 Error: Unknown Endpoint

Question asked by dogboy21 on Jul 23, 2018
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I'm currently trying to create an application for my JN5168 MCU, based on the JN-AN-1171 application note.

When I want to connect it to my Hue Bridge, the log shows that the MCU joined the Zigbee network as a router as expected. However after that, the error E_ZCL_ERR_EP_UNKNOWN shows up for every endpoint configured in my app.zpscfg. The error is triggered by command 0x0A, which seems to be the "Report Attributes" command. I correctly register the endpoints in the application with eZLL_RegisterColourLightEndPoint and also double checked with debug outputs. The tsZCL_EndPointDefinition of the device is also correctly populated with all properties, so I don't quite understand the cause of the problem.


Maybe someone knows an answer.

Thanks in advance!