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report an APEX kernel bug

Question asked by smith ou on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by smith ou

report an APEX bug, it doesn't happen in EMU environment.
Create a very simple project with one input and one output
matNumberInlet0(512, 512, VSDK_CV_8UC1);
matNumberOutlet0(512, 512, VSDK_CV_8UC1)
write only one code in kernel like-->
static int staticint = 0;
vec32u* pDst = (vec32u*)dst0;
pDst[staticint] = staticint++;
//expect result, every iteration, only one line's value is set.
//wrong result, at the first iteration, not only 0, but also 64, 128, ... lines's value is set.
// then you can see different values(1,3,5,7....) is set is the last rows, although i just expect to see one line is set at the bottom.