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Question asked by DSPIC MIC on Jul 21, 2018

Hi All,

I am suffering from an issue ,from 2 week .

Before my issue , i have basic question:

MPU0 can only protect  PRAMC_0 (means address range 0x40000000–0x4000FFFF, 0x40010000–0x4003FFFF ) and PBRIDGE_A?

MPU1 can only protect  PRAMC_1 (means address range 0x40040000–0x4007FFFF ) and PBRIDGE_B?

Is this means MPU0 can not protect address range 0x40040000–0x4007FFFF ?.


I have given full access of PBRIDGE_A and PBRIDGE_A to the Trusted Application in supervisor mode/User Mode,by configuring memory block.

Now , I wan to give the access to Non Trusted application in User Mode.How i can enable access to PBRIDGE_A /PBRIDGE_B?



Please Help !