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CAN receive example code in S32DS not working

Question asked by Laxmikanth Indur on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Mike Doidge

Hi All,
Attached image is my setup for CAN communication using DEVkit MPC5748G.
I am trying CAN receive example code (flexcan_receive_Z0_4) in S32DS.

But code is not working. So for more diagnosis I traced CAN signal using DSO.
I have observed CAN high and Low signal on CAN_H and CAN_L.
But there is no signal found on Rx pin (Between transceiver IC and MPC5748G controller).

My set up is working for transmit example code ( flexcan_transmit_Z0_4) .

Please help me to sort out this problem.