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SDHC - How to properly terminate a Multi-Sector Read

Question asked by joe hinkle on Jul 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by joe hinkle

I've implemented Multi-Sector read - CMD18


I'm not using the AutoCmd12 capability because I could never get it to work so I want to understand and implement it the manual way.


My understanding is that CMD18 is issued and the card starts dumping sectors.


I set SDHC_BLKATTR to the the number of sectors and 512 bytes.


I read 512 byte blocks until I have acquired the number of wanted sectors.


I issue a CMD12 to tell the card to stop sending data.


NOW - my issue - I can't get the SDHC to report data transfer complete.


SDHC_PRSSTAT never has SDHC_PRSSTAT_RTA_MASK,  SDHC_PRSSTAT_DLA_MASK, or SDHC_PRSSTAT_CDIHB_MASK as ZERO --- always showing the data transfer incomplete.


I've tried dummy reads after CMD12 -- that works sometime - but not always.


Can someone please identify the proper code to manually terminate CMD18?