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What is different LPUART of SDK EAR v0.8.6 and RTM v2.0.0?

Question asked by Byungju Kim on Jul 19, 2018
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I use S32 DS for ARM.2018.R1 and SDK EAR v0.8.6 and RTM v2.0.0.

I found something strange during UART SAMPLE code analysis.

The lpuart samp of EAR0.8.6 sdk and the lpuart sample of RTM2.0.0sdk have been modified to echo one word at a time.
And I sent the attached file and confirmed the uart message.
The sample of EAR0.8.6 sdk showed the contents of the file normally.
However, the RTM 2.0.0 sdk was unable to display the contents of the file due to a frame error.

What is the difference between the RTM 2.0.0 sdk and the EAR 0.8.6 sdk in the UART function?
What should I do to correct the error in the RTM 2.0.0 sdk?

I attached the code and file.


RTM 2.0.0 result


EAR0.8.6 result


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