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Boot from SD using MFGTools + MCUXpresso + RT1050EVK

Question asked by Mateusz Piesta on Jul 20, 2018
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Did anyone try to program boot image created under MCUXpresso into SDCard ? My goal is to boot from eMMC but as first step I would like to boot from sdcard and later switch to eMMC. I successfuly managed to create file and I am able to program it into SDCard but after reconfiguring boot pins and reset program won't boot. I am following steps described in AN12107 but unfortunately project configure related steps are for IAR. 

My configuration:

- application code executed from DTCM

- I modified linker script to put reset vector and rest of the app code under 0x20002000 address

- in "" file i set startAddress = 0x20000000 and entryPointAddress = 0x20002000 (that's where vectors are)

- I am using "" without any custom changes

- I'm using hello_blinky example project as base


EDIT: After some reading and searching I believe entryPointAddress should be set to 0x20002000 (vectors array start address). Still I don't know if I should set startAddress to 0x20000000  or to different address ? I also recreated example SD card boot example from AN12107(section 3.5) using ITCM but I'm facing the same problem, app won't boot. Why is it necessary to set startAddress to 0x8000 ? Why it can't be beginning of ITCM memory ?


I would be grateful for any info, example or simple tutorial.


Thanks in advance

Mateusz Piesta