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FlexTimer: FTMEN=0

Question asked by Xaro Wubas on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Reference manual: K60P144M100SF2V2RM


From the reference manual of the K60:

" The second set, from FTM_CNTIN to FTM_PWMLOAD registers, has the FTM specific
registers. Any second set registers, or bits within these registers, that are used by an
unavailable function in the FTM configuration remain in the memory map and in the
reset value, so they have no active function."

" Do not write to the FTM specific registers (second set registers) when FTMEN = 0."

FTMEN itself is in register MODE, which is a second set register. Hence, FTMEN could never be set to 1 ...


So, I assume the reference is inexact concerning what is writable with FTMEN=0, in general.

1. For some fields in the second set registers is explicitly mentioned, that they are only usable with FTMEN=1.

What is about the others like CNTINIT, ...?

2. If FTMEN=0 is set, how do they behave, e.g., is it treated like CNTINIT=0, no matter what CNTINIT was set last time FTMEN=1 was true? What is about write protection, is it disabled with FTMEN=0?