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Question asked by Kazuma Sasaki on Jul 19, 2018
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Community and hardware design guide mentioned that IMX6 should be use dedicated I2C(DDC_SCL/DDC_SDA).

We would like to use other I2C bus due to our system design. Please let me confirm several points with you.


Q1. I suppose we can use other I2C bus (I2C1 or I2C3) for HDMI if we do not need HDCP feature. Is it right?

Q2. I suppose we do not need I2C bus for HDMI if HDMI driver has EDID information statically. Is it right?

       Because, our system always connect to same display. does not need getting DTD information from display via I2C.


From community

IMX6 - HDMI I2C bus 


From hardware design guide


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