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Can't launch debug configuration with absolute path to application

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by SCOTT MILLER

I've posted about this before but it got buried in a bunch of other issues.  I've also reloaded MCUX 10.2.0 from scratch since then, with a more vanilla configuration, and it's still giving me trouble.


I've got both a P&E Cyclone and an LPC-Link2 connected. The blue debug button is unreliable - it's usually either disabled, doesn't find anything, or if it does, it'll keep creating new debug configurations in my project.  I prefer to set up my connections manually to avoid that.  That doesn't always work, either.


If I select the application location from the browse button, I'm not able to click 'debug':



Note that it *doesn't* have the warning at the top about the application not being found, like it would if the file wasn't there.  If I click 'search project' instead, it finds it:



But still the debug button is disabled:



If I click on *another* debug configuration and go back, without changing anything, now the debug button is active:



This only works if the location was selected from the search list - if you used browse, switching back and forth doesn't change anything.  HOWEVER, if you exit the debug configurations screen and select the configuration from the drop-down of recently used configurations (under the green bug icon) it launches fine.  The problem, of course, is getting it into the recently used list when you can't launch it the first time.


At times the 'search project' button hasn't been able to find all of the executables for a project, with the result being that it's impossible to launch a debug configuration unless you manage to get the probe discovery to work from the blue debug button and have it create a configuration.  I can't replicate that part right now, but the behavior with the disabled debug button when you've browsed to an executable is consistent.


I've got a workaround for now, but this gets really frustrating when all I want to do is launch the application and the GUI won't let me click the button.