Dhvanil Patel

Gateway OTA is incompatible between IDEx-1.3.1 (and earlier version) with the IDEx-1.4.0 and later

Discussion created by Dhvanil Patel on Jul 18, 2018

Hi All,


The Gateway Linux BSP is upgraded to v4.9.11 from the IDEx-1.4.0 release and the new BSP is using systemd for OS initialization where the older BSP was using SysVinit for OS initialization. It results into kernel panic during the booting of the upgraded IDEx 1.4.0 firmware. You will be facing an error while upgrading the gateway running with IDEx 1.3.1  or earlier version to IDEx 1.4.0 or later upgrade.



The workaround of this issue is, to reflash the gateway SD card image with IDEx 1.4.0 or IDEx 1.5.0 release and then set up the IDEx demo again.