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Configuring SERDES1 for SGMII on LS1046

Question asked by keith zambrano on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by keith zambrano


  I am evaluating the LS1046ARDB capabilities, and per the documentation I can configure the RCW with 0x3333 to have SGMII on MAC 9 and 10.


 I have used Code Warrior to import the PBL, file produced by the LEDE distribution, and modified it using a QorIQ Project with Processor Expert. When burned into the alternate bank, UBOOT resets and comes up on the default bank. I believe this is due to a reset from the PLL failing to lock (per spec).


 Is this configuration possible, and if  so, what  is the recipe? I have tried various combinations of REF_CLK_SEL, which either resets or comes up w/o any working MAC or non-working DTSEC9 and DTSEC10.


  Has anyone tried to use a different protocol besides the default 0x1133?