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S32K144: Can't change CAN clock to SYS_CLK using Can_pal component

Question asked by Sri Harsha Pavuluri on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Sri Harsha Pavuluri



I programmed my application's CAN communication using the can_pal component, and with SOSC clock enabled. In the PCB board, I do not wish to have an external oscillator and would like to switch CAN engine clock to SYS_CLK. However, I cannot find an option to change this and can_pal library just says that protocol clock frequency cannot be 0.



If I use the flexcan component, however, this option is present. Why is it not present in the can_pal library? Can I change it to use SYS_CLK while still using the can_pal component, or is it unavoidable to port all code to use the flexcan component?


Thank you.