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How to use the command line version of MfgTools2 in my own application?

Question asked by Anindya Pakhira on Jul 18, 2018
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I'm developing a GUI application in Qt for an easy way to program i.MX based boards. I'm trying to use the MfgTools2 in CLI mode (using the -noui) but am running into problems. I'm running it using a QProcess to open a command prompt which invokes the MfgTools2:


cmd /C <path to MfgTool2> -noui


The MfgTool2 runs, but the output is not sent to Qt, neither in the STDOUT stream nor the STDERR stream. Even if I directly run it in command prompt and redirect the STDOUT and STDERR outputs to files, the application output is still on the screen instead of the files, as shown in the screenshot I have attached. So somehow the tool is using a non standard way to output text?


Screenshot of MfgTool2 output redirected to files


Is there any way to make the tool work in my program? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!