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Running Motor Tuner on my own Motor

Question asked by Jacob Andrade on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Adam Reynolds



I am trying to run the Motor Tuner on a Brushless DC Motor that I have.

It is a 24VDC, 0.6AMP (0.42AMP RMS), 500RPM, 15OZ-IN, 2 Pole Pair motor.


I determined the number of pole pairs by running a constant DC current through two of the motor's phases and counting the number of natural resting spots, which was 2.


Every time I run the Motor Tuner with the values above, I get stuck on the "Spin!" stage with either Motor Startup Faults or "Motor Tuner was not unable to spin your motor as expected..." errors.


I tried increasing the RPM on the information to 1000RPM or 2000RPM. This seems to give me a more precise inertia value, but I still get the errors on "Spin!". I also tried increasing the rated current to .85AMP RMS or 1AMP RMS, but all with the same results.


How can I get Motor Tuner to work with my motor?