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S32 Design Studio - S-Record with Boot Header (MPC5746C)

Question asked by Christopher Holland on Jul 17, 2018
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I noticed in one of my projects, the SREC has the boot record embedded in the record, the second project does not.

   S30900FA0000005A0002A0   /* Boot Header */
   S30900FA001001000000EB   /* Program Code Start Address */


I believe all I have to do is, in the project properties, under C/C++ Build Settings, in the Standard S32DS C Compiler Section, I double click the START_FROM_FLASH symbol. So, I did that.


When I recompile, I still do not see the Boot header. "005A0002"


One more thing I would like to add is that the S-Record format for the 2 projects is different.

In the first project, the S-Record format is S0, S3 15, S7, (which is ideal)

In the second project, the S-Record format is S0, S2 14, S8. (which is not ideal. the length is only 15 bytes)

I'm not sure if it's because the program code location is different? I don't think that should matter.


I use the exact same setting as the first project

Incidentally, I would also like to know what the check boxes are for the sections -j .text are for as well, if anybody happens to know?


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This is where I am trying to locate the Boot Header and Program Code



flash_rchw : org = 0x00FC0000, len = 0x4    /* This is the Boot Header address location */
cpu0_reset_vec : org = 0x00FC0000+0x10, len = 0x4 /* This is the Program Address Offset */
cpu2_reset_vec : org = 0x00FC0000+0x04, len = 0x4

m_text : org = 0x00FC8000, len = 224K
m_data : org = 0x40000000, len = 192K