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Explaining S32K1xx Pad Types

Question asked by Stephan de Wit on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Kanakaraju Kapila

I need some more information related to the different S32K148 pad types.

From the document "S32K148_IO_Signal_Description_Input_Multiplexing" Pinout sheet I see the following pad names for each pin.

  • p_gnd_mv
  • p_io_5ma_mv
  • p_io_20ma_mv
  • p_io_ae_mv
  • p_io_quadspi_mv
  • p_io_rst_mv
  • p_pwr_mv
  • p_vdda_mv


In the S32K1xx datasheet (Rev 6 01/2018) Table 31 it has the following note.

7.  This is the maximum operating frequency (fop) for LPSPI0 with medium PAD type only. Otherwise, the maximum operating frequency (fop) is 12 Mhz
11. Maximum operating frequency (fop ) is 12 MHz irrespective of PAD type and LPSPI instance
12. Applicable for LPSPI0 only with medium PAD type, with maximum operating frequency (fop) as 14 MHz

How do I map "medium PAD type" to the pad names above?


This all relates to the maximum frequency and minimum data setup time for LPSPI0 in master mode using the following pins

  • PTD16 : SPI0_SDI
  • PTD15 : SPI0_SCK
  • PTB5 : SPIO_CS


Is the maximum frequency 14MHz or 12MHz in HSRUN?

Is the minimum data setup time 37ns or 32ns in HSRUN?