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LPSPI for Slave Mode Communication

Question asked by Bharath kumar M on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Bharath kumar M

Hi Support Team,

In one of the project S32K144 is slave device. There will be a big chunk of data transfer between master and S32K slave.(64 Bytes of data in one chip select assertion ) and this will be a period frame for every 10ms.


I want you suggestion which method is optimal for this communication.? Interrupt of DMA ?


First i want to try interrupt method. (DMA is new for me)

Configuration for this as per my understanding.

  • Set module in slave mode
  • Set chip select polarity
  • TX and RX FIFO water mark
  • Chip select, clock polarity, clock phase, prescaler, Msb first, frame size(32bit)
  • Enable interrupt for receive data RDIE. (No TX interrupt)
  • Enable LPSPI module.


As per datasheet,

Point 1. Slave Mode: Before the LPSPI_PCS input asserts, the transmit FIFO must be filled with
transmit data, or the transmit error flag will set? I did not understand this point. I am implementing my own code, but I referred SDK code, i do not see above point(Point 1) taken care in SDK.

I need your input regarding this point.


Point 2. Slave Mode: AUTOPCS bit config register 1(CFGR1), Is this bit need to be set for Slave mode ? 


I need your inputs for above two points and please correct me if am missing anything in configuration.