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iMX7Sabre board 'PingPong' demo

Question asked by Manuel Kreutz on Jul 17, 2018
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I'm stuck in getting the demo "PingPong" running on the iMX 7 Dual Sabre board REV D.



- Software Packs installed and used for device "MCIMX7D7"

- uVision 5 as IDE with KEIL ULINK/ME as debugging device for the M4

- Linker and Target options set as shown in files "uVision_Target.jpeg" and "uVision_Linker.jpeg"

- SD card with pre-installed Linux distribution from NXP



1. Stop Linux doing autoboot

2. Start debugging the demo in uVision

3. Demo on the M4 is initialized correctly I guess -> output shown in "SerialMonitor_M4.jpeg"

4. After starting Linux with command "boot" -> the initialization is stuck within the "starting kernel ..." operation (file "SerialMonitor_A7.jpeg") and wouldn't continue to get Linux running to check the communication between the processors (without debugging the demo it is possible to run Linux without any problems)


Did I forget something to set or change in the settings?

I have no idea how to solve that problem and will appreciate any tip or hint...


Thanks in advance and best regards,