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Why can't I download OsekTurbo for DSP in Software Center

Question asked by hengbo zhao on Jul 17, 2018

There is an old project based on DSP56F8346 platform with OsekTurbo in my company.Recently we need to do some change to our program,but the installation file(CWX-OS_DSP_87RTM.exe) stored on our backup disc failed to read as a result of DISK-IO-ERROR.So I tried to download the installation file from Software Center,but I can't download it as the page I click in is empty.

The page I tried to download:(Software Center->Operating Systems Software->Operating Systems->OSEKturbo RTOS->Downloads->OSEKturbo for DSP (DSC) (REV

When I click in,the page seems to be empty:

I think maybe this is a bug in NXP website.I have been trying for a long time and I REALLY need to download this installer file NOW.

Could someone help me?