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mmc error of p2020

Question asked by lei maohui on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by lei maohui

Recently, I compiled kernel 4.14(git://;branch=linux-4.14) for p2020, and I met two issues:


1. "kernel-lsdk/crypto/aes_generic.c:1300: undefined reference to `_restgpr_31_x'" error message is output. I modified crypto/Makefile reference to upstream and this error is not output any more.


2. "mmc0: Internal clock never stabilised." error message is output when start board, and sd card can't be used.


I want to know that is there something wrong in my compile steps? Or is p2020 not maintained any more?


Note: The defconfig I used is mpc85xx_smp_defconfig.