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Android suspend mode with USB modem connection.

Question asked by kang jianwei on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by igorpadykov


I add one LTE modem with USB connection to the imx7D,  we press power button let the Android to sleep mode. we find that the LCD can half light, and can not screen off.  if we remove the USB modem, we press the power button. the android can go into sleep mode and LCD screen off.

if we connect the USB modem. we check the ''dumpsys power", we can not find any locks. but the Android can be blocked to sleep mode.  Can you tell me  where is block in the Android source code? we need entry to sleep mode when the usb modem connection.


dumpsys power log as here:


Looper state:
  Looper (PowerManagerService, tid 28) {737a88a}
    (Total messages: 0, polling=true, quitting=false)
Wake Locks: size=0
Suspend Blockers: size=4
  PowerManagerService.WakeLocks: ref count=0
  PowerManagerService.Display: ref count=0
  PowerManagerService.Broadcasts: ref count=0
  PowerManagerService.WirelessChargerDetector: ref count=0
Display Power: state=OFF
Wireless Charger Detector State:
  mGravitySensor={Sensor name="Invensense Gravity", vendor="Invensense", version=1, type=9, maxRange=9.81, resolution=1.0E-5, power=6.0, minDelay=4444}
  mRestX=0.0, mRestY=0.0, mRestZ=0.0
  mDetectionStartTime=0 (never)
  mFirstSampleX=0.0, mFirstSampleY=0.0, mFirstSampleZ=0.0
  mLastSampleX=0.0, mLastSampleY=0.0, mLastSampleZ=0.0