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How program an external target (LPC11C24) with SWD Connector on OM13093 Board

Question asked by Arthur TREMEAU on Jul 16, 2018

Hi every one,


I'm trying to program an external target (LPC11C24) by using the SWD connector on my dev board OM13093.

I don't understand exactly how to use it.


My first try was to connect directly my external target on the SWD Connector and launch my code as Debug Session. Apparently the flash memory of the external target was programmed but not correctly because some of functions doesn't work even though these work perfectly when i only use the dev board OM13093.


After thinking, this method is wird because the CMSIS-DAP interface has 2 targets :

      - LPC11C24 on dev board OM13093

      - LPC11C24 on my custom board


So i think there some troubles between targets and could explain why my code doesn't works on the external target.


Apparently we can use J3 connector on CMSIS-DAP Debug Interface to program an external target. But is it mandatory to seperate the two parts of OM13093 to use it ?

If i understand CMSIS-DAP Debug Interface has two channels with SWD signals. One directly connected to LPC11C24 target and another one on J3 connector.

Is there an issue to use J3 Connector without cut the dev board ?


Plus, are there some precautions to take before use SWD connection ?

On my custom board i just put the same circuit wich on OM13093 (50 Ohms on each signals and 10k pull-up on SWDIO).


thanks for your help