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Execution from RAM - S32K

Question asked by testbed on Jul 17, 2018



So, i have been trying out the Keil  MDK Blinky Example given in the S32K SDK using the S32K144 EVB



When i set the project configuration to use Flash i.e. execute from Flash



The application runs flawlessly. However when i set it to RAM, build it and try to load it to the device, it gives the following error.

As it can be seen from the error the location its referring to is RAM, so obviously it is not going to work.


I have my settings configured as below using the CMSIS-DAP Debugger


The same issue occurs when i plug the ULINK2 to the on-board JTAG/SWD header J14 and try programming via ULINK.

Has anyone experienced this issue ? Any suggestions ? I plan to use the Keil MDK toolchain for all development.