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kl25z is not saving my code

Question asked by Judá Santos on Jul 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Alexander Ross

Hi guys,


I'm new here and  new with the freescale platform as well. So, I'm just trying the basic "Hello World!" code,but I'm having some troubles. I can debug it normally, but when I try to use 'the GUI flash tool' using the connected probe I receive this result:

Device selected is NXP_KL2x_KL25Z128M4
User Specified Hardware Selection : Interface=OPENSDA and Port=USB1
Connecting to target.
OpenSDA detected - Flash Version 1.18
Device is NXP_KL2x_KL25Z128M4.
Mode is In-Circuit Debug.
(C)opyright 2012, P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. (
API version is 101
Creating kernel driver for freertos
Server 1 running on
Server 2 running on
Server 3 running on
Server 4 running on
Server 5 running on
Server 6 running on
Server 7 running on
Server 8 running on
Server 9 running on
Server 10 running on
Warning: No data was programmed in FLASH
All Servers Running
Target Disconnected.


Basically, it's not saving my work.

Could someone help me with this?