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Lpc54608 Lqfp208 Emc and Sdram Init

Question asked by Fatih ozen on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Fatih ozen

I have my own board includes lpc54608 mcu and IS42S16100H sdram. I referenced sdk example. 
I am not sure if I made a mistake about hardware. SDRAM_DataBusCheck is ok but  SDRAM_AddressBusCheck is not.


I changed _emc_dynamic_timing_config settings according to sdram on board. I am suspicious about %10 hardware and %90 software.
Bank Select Address of IS42S16100H is A11 and there is just one pin because of bank count(2). I directly connected it to A11 on mcu but there is written "The SDRAM bank select pins BA1 and BA0 are connected to address lines A14 and A13, respectively." Does it cause a problem ??