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I2C Tools and Work Flow

Question asked by Daniel Harthan on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by Daniel Harthan

I am working with a LPCXpresso 1115 /303. I have never used I2C before, so I really do not know the basic work flow to set up communications. Yes I have read All Board I2C tools, but I do not know how to find or enable it in LPCXpresso IDE v8.2.2_650. No idea what tools do what or even what is relevant to what I am trying to do. 


I want to control servos using the aidafruit 16 channel servo controller, it has a default address of 0x40. All of the examples for the controller are using arduino, so not much help. I do not know the number of write bits, or how to address a specific servo channel on the board. I have gone through the manual and have been working with the I2C_main example to try and get to work. At this point I am just shooting in the dark, and I cant even figure out where to input the address of the slave device. 


I am not sure where to start with this project, so any help (especially on the best use of the IDE) would be greatly appreciated. 


The last thing that I cannot figure out is what value I am supposed to send to the servo controller. Do I send a desired degree? PWM duty cycle? Pulse width value? No idea what data I need to send to get the driver to work.