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Spec of GC7000L at MX8MQuad Lite

Question asked by on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2019 by Chris Healy

Hi All,


I am struggling to find an answer for following questions. 

First of all, I have a IMX8mquaddevk  board which has an i.MX8 M Quad Lite.


1) What is the GPU in i.MX8 M Quad Lite. Several NXP documents say it is GC7000L GPU. Please confirm if this is true ?


2) What is the peak performance of GFLOPFS of GC7000L? The Vivante website says it is 64 GFLOFS for medium precision, and 32 GFLOFS for high precision. Since GC7000L seems to have 16 processing elements, is that mean each processing element can perform 2 floating operations per cycle for high precision? 


3)  This document (Document Number: IMXGRAPHICUG) says the GPU has 16 processing elements.

But, the other document (Document Number: IMX8MDQLQRM) says the GPU has 4 procesisng elements. Which one is true ?