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Opening Project made by another gives me errors on My codewarrior

Question asked by Taewoo Koo on Nov 15, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by Processor Expert
Hello. I am really new to codewarrior and freescale.
I just get some source code from somebody for study.
CPU model is S12XDP512, and Project was made by IDE V 4.5
Now I am using IDE V 4.7.1
When I open that project file(*.mcp), I just get two errors from errow window.
First error massege is below..
 |_!ERROR: ERROR int the bean setting. More details provided by Bean inspector
                    for this bean.
 So, I double-click it, then go to bean inspector for CPU below.
 MEMORY MODEL                             BANKED
 !GENERATE PRM FILE                     yes
  STACK specification                         SIZE
    STACK SIZE                                   0080
  !Memory segments
    Set default memory segments        Click to set default
   !ROM/RAM segments                      34 +-
     !Segment0                                     Enabled  EEPROM
       Name                                           EEPROM   Value(unique identifier)is duplicated
                                                                              with another module in project
       Qualifier                                       NO_INIT     Warning: This segment is not used
                                                                               by default. It is necessary to
                                                                               specify user placement manually.

Second one is below
   |_ERROR: Erro in the bean settin. More details........
    So, I double-click it, the go to Bean Inspector EEprom:IntEEPROM
  Bean name                      EEprom
  EEPROM                         intEEPROM    IntEEPROM
  Interrup service/event      Disabled
 !Address range
   !Start address                 0      There is I/O Space from 0x0000 to 0x07FF, but
                                                   required memory is internal EEPROM.
   !Used size                       0      Set correct size of the EEPROM array. The bean
                                                   inspector expected non-zero size of the used array.
    Used exclusively            yes
   !Page size                       400  Maximum value available in actual bean setting
                                                   is only 0 Bytes.
Something is wrong on banked memory setting on CPU bean, and intEEPROM bean.
I could not find out. Please some one help me out to complie and debug it on my