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How determine end of USB bulkOut transfer

Question asked by simonepuschmann on Jul 12, 2018
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I have programmed a custom USB interface for a LPC1778. To send and receive data I used bulk transfer. Actually, everything works fine, but I have problems when receiving data packets > USB_FS_MAX_BULK_PACKET (= 64) bytes. A complete message can then consist of several 64 byte USB data packets. My problem is, that I do not know when the complete USB message was received and can be processed. In most cases, the length of the last data packet will be != 64 bytes and the data can be concatenated until then. But this works only as long as the whole package is not a multiple of 64.


Does anyone have any idee?

/* USB bulk EP_OUT endpoint handler */
ErrorCode_t lusb_BulkOUT_Hdlr(USBD_HANDLE_T hUsb, void *data, uint32_t event)
    /* We received a transfer from the USB host. */
    switch (event)
    case USB_EVT_OUT:
        usb_rx_length = USBD_API->hw->ReadEP(hUsb, LUSB_OUT_EP, usb_rx_buffer + usb_rx_byte_counter);

        if (usb_rx_length < USB_FS_MAX_BULK_PACKET){               // only works if total packet size is not nultiple of 64!
            usb_rx_bulk_out_ready = 1;

        usb_rx_byte_counter += usb_rx_length;


    case USB_EVT_OUT_NAK:


    return LPC_OK;