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FXTH871 Interrupt Enable/Disable Question

Question asked by Carl Saunders on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Carl Saunders

Hello Community, 


I was looking through the code for the FXTH871, and I noticed that the code has this defined:


#define EnableInterrupts __asm CLI /*!< Macro to enable all interrupts. */
#define DisableInterrupts __asm SEI /*!< Macro to disable all interrupts. */


CLI means Clear Interrupts in Assembly
SEI means Set Interrupts in Assembly.


Shouldn't these be reversed?  Am I missing something?


Also, I was wondering:


If I disable all interrupts, and then call STOP1, can I keep the device disabled until I clock the Reset Pin?  I want to keep it in STOP1 indefinitely, until I trigger the Reset Pin.


Thanks Community.