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S32K144: Porting to S32K142

Question asked by Sri Harsha Pavuluri on Jul 12, 2018
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I developed all my code on the S32K144 EVAL board. However, the 64-pin version os the 144 MCU is not available in my region, so I have to port the entire code into S32K142. I tried just changing the processor in config. At first, it seems to be fine but I see two processors with the same name (Cpu:S32K142_64) under components->processors with one of the two is greyed. Also, RAM and FLASH appear under Generator_configurations with an "x" on RAM. After deleting the grey processor, if I double click on RAM, these errors popup:


"adc_pal.chg:undefined CPUfamily" and "adc_pal.chg:undefined CPUType".


Can someone explain to me what is happening? How do I fix this and port my code to that S32K142? I attached my project from S32K144 with this post.


Thank you,

Sri Harsha Pavuluri