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Measuring Linix Motor's Rotor Flux

Question asked by Jacob Andrade on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Adam Reynolds



I am trying to measure the Rotor Flux of the Linix Motor, but I am getting the "KMS has detected a sensor issue. Please confirm usage of an incremental encoder...." error.


I have tried multiple pin arrangements, and each time confirmed that when rotating the motor anticlockwise (while looking at the shaft) that the position feedback is positive.


However I'm not sure which of the encoder wires coming out of the motor do what.

I have made the assumption that red wire is +5V so should be connected to J8 (Sensor Input) pin 1, which is the pin furthest from the Motor Output J7


Then I assumed that black wire was GND, so I connected it in pin 2 of J8 (directly beside the +5V red wire).


Now I am not sure what to so with white, blue, and green. Which one is Enc_A, Enc_B, and Enc_I?


My Motor Output J7 is configured as follows:

White phase closest to Sensor Inputs J8

Blue phase in the middle

Green phase closest to DC Barrel Jack