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Toggling an external LED via BLE

Question asked by johanandrade on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by johanandrade

Hey folks,


Trying to get a starting point for a bluetooth project. I want to build a project toggling on/off an external LED connected to my R41Z (based of KW41Z board) using an Android phone app.


  • R41Z board
  • External LED wired to PTB18 GPIO
  • SDK v2.2 (4-16-18) with bluetooth v.1.2.5 stack
  • Android phone app built using Android Studios 3.1.3


My questions are:


  • Should I use the beacon bluetooth project as a base? If not, what would you suggest to start with?
  • If using the beacon project, which files should I be looking at modifying for the LED functionality, signal advertising, receiving the message from the phone app, etc.?
  • When it comes to the phone app, are there certain IDs that are within the beacon project that have to be used on the code for the phone app? I see the file BLE_SIG_DEFINES_H has GATT declarations but I'm not too familiar yet how these play a role within the phone app.