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i.MX6ULL ethernet rmii PHY with crystal

Question asked by Aaron Brice on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by sharad sathvik

We have a Vybrid-based SoM that we are replacing with an i.MX6ULL SoM.  The carrier board which we would like to re-use has an ethernet PHY on it.  This phy, (rmii KSZ8081RNB) is using a crystal as clock input and providing ref_clk to the CPU.  This was working in the Vybrid case.  In the i.MX6ULL case, we attached the phy's REF_CLK to ENET2_TX_CLK, and configured GPR1 for input clock, but it's not working.  The reference manual says that ENET2_TX_CLK is only valid in mii mode.  Is that the case?  Is it not possible for an rmii phy to provide reference clock to the i.MX6ULL at all?