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Soft reboot on ls1021a based board  is not working

Question asked by praneeth reddy Lingareddy on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov



I am working on ls1021a based board ( 4.1.8 kernel is running), On the target board i am trying to do soft reboot. Once the reboot command is issued on the target it was  hanging at this point "reboot failed --System halted".

please find the log below.

Can you please let me know if anyone have an idea on this ?




# reboot

Stopping SWUpdate: killall: can't kill pid 170: No such process

Stopping 615AController: stopped /usr/bin/a615acontroller (pid 168)
Stopping telnetd: OK
Stopping sshd: OK
Stopping network: ifdown: interface eth0:1 not configured
Unconfigure by strapping: OK
Saving random seed... done.
De-initializing IO: OK
Stopping logging: OK
Inhibiting Watchdog Count for Soft Reset: OK
umount: devtmpfs busy - remounted read-only
umount: can't unmount /: Invalid argument
The system is going down NOW!
Sent SIGTERM to all processes
Sent SIGKILL tokvm: exiting hardware virtualization
reboot: Restarting system
Reboot failed -- System halted