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PN7462 and MCUXpresso IDE GUI Flash Tool, firmware not starting

Question asked by Federico Strati on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Federico Strati

Dumb question about PNEV7462B V.2.2 Evaluation Board of PN7462 and MCUXpresso IDE GUI Flash Tool:

I use a LPC Link 2 probe to connect to the PN7462 Evaluation board,

if I try to program the flash with the GUI Flash tool my firmware does not start although I check the box

"Reset target on completion".

Hence my question is: how to use the GUI Flash Tool of MCUXpresso IDE 10.2 in order to flash the PN7462 and to have my firmware automatically running (also at power up) ?

For the GUI Flash Tool I'm using default options, such as "PN7xxxxx_Connect.scp" and so on...

What option should I look for ?

What power up sequence to use ?